Working Papers

  1. How Polarized are Citizens? Measuring Ideology from the Ground-Up
    [R&R Economic Journal]
    (with Mirko Draca)
    Selected Media Coverage: New Statesman, Prospect Magazine,

  2. From Apprentice to President? Entertainment TV and US Elections
    [R&R The Leadership Quarterly]
    (with Karsten Müller)

  3. Estimating Text Regressions using txtreg_train
    [R&R Stata Journal]
    [Code Files][Predicted Citation Model]

  4. The Effect of Social Media on Elections: Evidence from the United States
    (with Thomas Fujiwara, and Karsten Müller) [VoxEU]
    Selected Media Coverage: La Repubblica

  5. Visual Stereotypes in News Media
    (with Elliott Ash, Ruben Durante, and Maria Grebenshchikova)

  6. Gender Gaps in Academia: Global Evidence over the 20th Century
    (with Alessandro Iaria, and Fabian Waldinger)

  7. The Effect of Content Moderation on Online and Offline Hate: Evidence from Germany’s NetzDG
    (with Rafael Jiménez Durán and Karsten Müller) [VoxEU]

  8. The Effects of Online Content Moderation: Evidence from President Trump’s Account Deletion

    (with Karsten Müller)