1. Frontier Knowledge and Scientific Production: Evidence from the Collapse of International Science
    (with Alessandro Iaria, and Fabian Waldinger) [VoxEU]
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  3. lsemantica: A Stata Command for Text Similarity based on Latent Semantic Analysis
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  4. Fanning the Flames of Hate: Social Media and Hate Crime
    (with Karsten Müller)
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Working Papers

  1. From Hashtag to Hate Crime: Twitter and Anti-Minority Sentiment
    (with Karsten Müller)
    Selected Media Coverage: Southern Poverty Law Center, NY Times Interpreter, Scientific American,, Stepfeed, ProMarket, The Daily Beast, Big Think, Religion News Service, The Canary, The National, The Week

  2. How Polarized are Citizens? Measuring Ideology from the Ground-Up
    (with Mirko Draca)
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  3. The Effect of Social Media on Elections: Evidence from the United States
    (with Thomas Fujiwara, and Karsten Müller) [VoxEu]
    Selected Media Coverage: La Repubblica

  4. Visual Stereotypes in News Media
    (with Elliott Ash, Ruben Durante, and Maria Grebenshchikova)